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Inferno Discussion List

Google Groups hosts the web forum inferno-os (which can be accessed by e-mail) for the discussion of all aspects of Inferno and Limbo. To sign up, go to!forum/inferno-os. You can have messages sent to you individually or in groups by e-mail, and you can post by sending e-mail following the instructions on Google Groups.

Concurrent programming

  • Rob Pike gave a Google talk on Concurrency and Message Passing using his language Newsqueak as the notation for examples. (Newsqueak is an ancestor of Inferno's programming language, Limbo.)

Inferno-related Links

Plan 9

There is an e-mail list for Plan 9 discussion: to subscribe, send the message subscribe 9fans to, or browse the archives at".

Plan 9 updates are available from Bell Labs.

Other useful Plan 9 links